Merry Go Round Restaurant Customer Reviews:

On our stop from Sequoia National Park to Death Valleywe stopped to spend the night in Lone Pine. At the motel they told us there was a good chinese near by and we decided to give it a try... Chinese in Lone Pine?! Well, it was really, really good. Good food, and really good service. We ordered 3 dished despite the waiter advice of that being too much food. It was a lot of food, but we would order it again! Everything was tasty and they were amazingly kind. W"

We were really surprised to find a great Szechuan restaurant in Lone Pine Calif.  We ordered pan fried noodles and orange peel chicken.  Excellent.  Owners and staff very friendly.  We will be back."

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I haven't wrote that many reviews but I felt I had to write one for this place. I think this is the best Chinese food I've ever had!

First impressions, I like the uniqueness of the restaurant architecture. From the outside, the round shaped building stands apart & looks far from a typical Chinese restaurant but fits right in with the local small town charm. This place originally couldn't have been a Chinese Restaurant, in fact at a glimpse you'd have know clue it was. Under the neon sign name it says,'Bar-B-Que, Lamb Chops, Steaks and Ribs'. But then you notice the double dragon statues and you know your there. There is outside seating but since I came in December it was a bit cold & way too windy to eat outdoors, I think my food might've flown away. On the inside it's small, but adequate for the limited population and passerbys. Just like the outside, it's circular shaped like a merry-go-round (hence the name), looks more like a Chinese restaurant indoors and the staff was welcoming.

Now for the food :) & like I said, best Chinese food ever! It was dinner time and I actually ordered for pickup to take to my hotel room. Got an idea of what to order after reading what others wrote about this place. I ordered the Lemon Pepper Chicken, Orange-peel Chicken, Chicken Fried Rice (didn't even know this existed!), side of sautéed veggies, egg rolls and bread pudding for dessert. I received two containers of white rice with the two chicken entrees which was great, it actually wasn't all white rice, there was some brown rice in there which gave it kind of a unique wholesome rice grain taste with a nice soft texture, good. The Chicken Fried Rice is definitely worth a try. A unique side with a good amount of chicken & egg inside but does not overwhelm the dish, peas and carrots throughout. I think my order of Egg rolls were supposed to be an order of 4 and I received an extra one or two! Egg rolls were done right and so was the sweet n' sauce, not syrupy.

Now for the entrées. The Lemon Pepper Chicken was a hit, you could taste lemon with every bite! Chicken was perfectly peppered, very tender & moist. Veggies were wonderfully sautéed and left me wanting more. The Orange Peel chicken was phenomenal. Perfectly breaded, lightly sweetened and spiced unlike any orange chicken I've ever tried. Not 'spiced' as in hot or spicy, but spiced to add to the semi-sweetness. I couldn't put my finger on what spice/spices they used, nevertheless it was mesmerizing.

Lastly dessert and in conclusion. The bread pudding was great, not too sweet & the rum sauce complemented it well. I only used half of the rum sauce, I could've easily used more & it wouldn't have overpowered the bread pudding. Now not knowing the portion size I over ordered for two people when all could've fed 4. No regrets though, food was amazing especially considering you can get Chinese food just about anywhere. But this isn't your typical Chinese food. They do it proper here at Margie's Merry Go Round. I'd definitely return here for a meal!